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Online Learning Works

“Online learning works,” would be Tammy Donald’s answer to anyone wondering if it really does.

With an ATAR of 97.65, a first place in NSW for ‘Financial Services’, and Dux for OneSchool Global NSW, Tammy (class of 2020), is certainly well placed to know.

Based at OneSchool Global’s Leeton campus, in southern NSW, all of Tammy’s final year lessons were online.

“My teachers and classmates were based at different OneSchool campuses across NSW,” said Tammy.

“I could still interact with other students and speak directly with my teachers, so essentially the classes were still face-to-face, but just face-to-face via Zoom instead of in a physical classroom”.

While online learning was a new experience for students at many schools in 2020, it has been part of the fabric of learning and teaching at OneSchool Global for over ten years. High-School students at OneSchool Global participate in a number of online lessons, connecting with students from other campuses across the state. For some students like Tammy, most (if not all) of their lessons are online.

“Tammy’s results are a reflection of her commitment throughout the year, also a demonstration that online learning works and is as effective as classroom-based learning” said OneSchool Global NSW Regional Principal, Mr. Patrick McGing.

With her HSC completed, Tammy plans on continuing her learning in parallel with commencing her career as part of her family’s Leeton-based business.

“The attitudes and habits of self-discipline I acquired through self-directed and online learning at OneSchool have helped me hit the ground running in my role,” she said.

Tammy’s story also featured in her local newspaper.

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