OSG at Education Fest UK

OneSchool Global’s Kimberly Hutton, Regional Director of Education for OSG UK, will be speaking at this year’s Festival of Education, which takes place the 4th and 5th of July in Wellington College, Crowthorne UK.

One of the UK’s largest Education conferences, this exciting event founded by Wellington college in 2010, brings together over 5000 attendees from the UK and beyond for professional development, keynote presentations and networking purposes.

With 8,500 students, across more than 120 campuses in 20 countries, OneSchool Global brings a unique perspective to the Festival of Education as one of the world’s largest, truly global schools.

Kimberly will share her insights on OneSchool’s distinctive Learning to Learn framework and how we leverage digital tools to develop life-ready students who genuinely learn how to learn. Kimberley will also demonstrate how our world-class facilities empower students with the freedom to choose how and where they work, fostering self-directed learning and adaptability.

The Festival of Education is a great event providing endless opportunities to interact, network and gain insights from fellow educators and industry leaders. We are delighted to have Kimberly representing OSG at the event and warmly invite you to come and learn more about OneSchool at our festival stand.

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To find out more about opportunities to rediscover the joy of teaching with OneSchool Global, why not visit our employment page.


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