OSG Kenley Campus Teacher Shortlisted National Award

OneSchool Global Kenley campus teacher, Charlotte Fernando, was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Primary Science Teacher of the Year Award by the Primary Science Teaching Trust.

The award recognises excellence in the teaching of science at a primary school level and rewards teachers for their exceptional efforts in boosting children’s learning and enjoyment of science.

Charlotte joined OSG Kenley in 2021 and is OSG UK’s Regional Head of Department for Key Stage Two Science. Her shortlisting was based on her strong focus on creativity and practical learning in science, through which she has successfully engaged pupils in topics – especially those which can be difficult for young children to grasp. 

“I really like when we have science lessons with Mrs Fernando because the investigations are always a fun way to learn about how things work,” said one of her students.

Last year, Charlotte took a leading role in organising the OSG sponsored Skip-a-thon for the British Heart Foundation, to help pupils learn about the impacts of exercise on the pulse rate. This saw over 950 pupils from across all 27 campuses across the UK skip on the playground with oximeters on their fingers and raise almost £20,000 for charity through their sponsor’s donations.

Charlotte also organised a polar explorer day which gave children the opportunity to meet and speak to a real polar explorer and learn more about their expeditions and about all the wonders of the Arctic.

The shortlisting also honoured Charlotte’s commitment to sharing best practice and supporting other OSG colleagues by mentoring teachers who are at the start of their careers and sharing carefully curated curriculums and lesson plans.

Speaking about her achievement, Charlotte said that she is honoured to be shortlisted and says she has always sought to nurture children’s natural curiosity and spark their interest in the fascinating world of science.

“All students can experience, engage with and be excited about science and this has always been my main aim. Seeing their eyes light up when they hear that we are doing a practical lesson is truly inspiring and I’m glad to have the opportunity to be their teacher,” she continued.

Rachel Beyer, OSG Global Director of Primary Teaching and Learning, said that “Charlotte’s dedication to championing science is well recognised across OSG and we are delighted that her exceptional work has now been recognised through her shortlisting for this prestigious award.”

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