OneSchool Global Teacher Academy

OneSchool Global Teacher Academy – Developing Great Educators

To equip our teachers for success in an increasingly digital world, the OneSchool Global Teacher Academy provides our teachers with ongoing, free, professional development.

At OneSchool Global, we believe that the single biggest factor influencing student outcomes is the quality of teaching. The Teacher Academy Vision is to see “our educators thrive, deliver excellent student outcomes and challenge learning norms”.

Underpinned by our self-directed learning approach and empowered by technology, teaching at OneSchool requires staff to operate in new and innovative ways in both blended and virtual environments.

The OneSchool Global Teacher Academy works with staff to build capacity for this in a variety of ways. It also offers a range of courses including: Self Directed Learning, Thinking for Learning, Aspiring Leadership, Coaching for Success and Engaging Digital Learners.

A teaching position at OneSchool Global isn’t simply a job. Rather, it’s a step forward in a teaching career where you are supported with professional development for teaching success. The Teacher Academy not only equips you for success at OneSchool Global, but provides you with new skills you can take forward into your career.

The Teacher Academy is established in each of our five regions to support teachers across the 20 countries in which OneSchool operates.

Alongside the professional development, the Teacher Academy provides staff with a great opportunity to professionally network with other OneSchool teachers nationally, and internationally. Some courses provide teachers with the opportunity to meet face-to-face, where others are online allowing teachers from across our campuses globally to connect via Zoom.

If you are looking for a teaching career in an innovative, global school, that embraces technology and values your development as a teacher, visit our employment pages to learn more. You can view current vacancies across the 126 campuses we operate across the globe, or join our talent pool for opportunities that may arise in future.

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