OneSchool Global on the World Stage – EDUtech Europe 2023

EDUtech Europe brings together some of the brightest and most innovative thought leaders in education from across the globe.

At the 2023 conference in Amsterdam, five OneSchool Global educators took the stage across the three-day event.

“Presenting at an EDUtech conference is a great privilege and to see five of our educators taking to the stage at EDUtech Europe is an excellent reflection of the innovative work taking place across OneSchool Global,” said Matthew Phillips, Global Head of Education.

OneSchool Global UK Digital Learning Coaches Bethany Sloan and Luke Clark were the first of the OSG contingent to present. Taking to the Innovation Stage, Bethany and Luke presented “Alternative perspectives: Younger Educators Leading in the Information Age”.


Bethany and Luke’s presentation discussed how schools can leverage the skills of digital-native, early-career teachers in digital leadership roles, at a time where the statistics tell us that many of their peers are leaving the profession within five years of becoming a qualified teacher.

“The title of our presentation ‘Younger Educators Leading in the Information Age’ is truly reflective of the unique career progression opportunities available at OneSchool,” said Bethany.

“Luke and I are earlier career teachers, and we are very much supported to bring our unique skillset to our leadership roles. Presenting at EDUtech Europe was an exciting opportunity to challenge other schools and leaders to embrace what younger educators bring to the table”.

Later, on day two of the conference Matt Phillips, OneSchool’s Global Head of Education, moderated the panel “Hey, teacher, leave us kids alone! Innovative leadership styles that drive greater learner agency”.

The panel featured Directors of Education from some leading international schools and education providers, including the President of Lego Education, Victor Saeijs. Matt facilitated a fascinating discussion which covered practical strategies to embed a culture of student agency, simple ways that technology can facilitate personalisation of learning, and demystifying learner-driven assessment models.

Rachel Beyer, OneSchool’s Global Director of Teaching and Learning (Primary) featured not once, but twice across the three-day conference. On day two of the conference Rachel formed part of the panel for “Raising the bar: elevating leadership skills through professional learning and development”, before returning on day three as part of the panel “Innovating education: Next gen pedagogy”.

The EDUtech conferences feature some of the best thinkers in education, and it was a privilege to be on these panels with education leaders from a range of international schools,” said Rachel.

“It is excellent to learn from other educators, but also a further reminder that the work we are doing here at OneSchool is very much at the forefront of innovation – it is a great opportunity to share our story”.

On the third and final day of the 2023 conference, OneSchool’s Global Director of Digital Learning, Chris O’Reilly took to the innovation stage. Chris presented “Combining digital tools to develop student agency”, which explored the key components required to successfully implement the

effective use of a digital ecosystem to develop student agency. Practical examples were shared that demonstrated how digital tools are effectively combined to support student self-direction and OneSchool.

“Using student agency and pedagogy to drive digital tool selection and giving students and staff the skills and opportunities to use them effectively is key to creating a successful digital learning environment” said Chris.

If rediscovering the joy of teaching, and building your career like Chris, Rachel, Luke, Matt and Bethany have, visit our employment pages to join our talent pool or see what positions are available today. 

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