Hard Work Rewarded with Strong Results

As the saying goes, ‘hard work pays off’, and the results for a number of OneSchool Global Australia’s Year 12 students are testament to this.

For 2019, OneSchool Global’s top ATARS* in each state were:

  • Tasmania with an ATAR of 97.4
  • Victoria with an ATAR of 97.35
  • New South Wales with an ATAR of 97.30
  • A Queensland student achieved an ATAR equivalent of 97.0 (estimate based on a QLD Overall Position of 3).
  • South Australia with an ATAR of 93.2
  • Western Australia with an ATAR of 89.65

In NSW, in addition to the ATAR of 97.30, the same student also made the Government’s 2019 HSC All Round Achievers Merit List for achieving a band 6 in every subject, and their Musicology Viva Voce submission was identified as “exemplary” and has been included in the 2019 Encore Honour Roll. A further three students were nominated for the Government’s Industrial Design showcase and a further four were nominated for the Design and Technology showcase.

South Australia had some very strong collective results for Year 12, with nearly half of the OneSchool cohort achieving ATARS above 90.

Victoria also saw some strong performances with 14% of the cohort achieving ATARs over 90.

In Western Australia we again saw some good collective results, with nearly half the year 12 cohort achieving an ATAR of over 70.

In QLD, the ATAR is only being introduced for the students who complete school in 2020. However, one student’s achievement of a QLD Overall Position (OP) of 3, placed them in the top 5% of the state and approximately equates to an ATAR of 97.

In Tasmania, of the students that sought to attain an ATAR, approximately 30% achieved an ATAR of over 80.

Congratulations to our year 12 achievers in 2019 and we wish you every success in your careers.

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our class of 2020 and wish them every success as they commence their final year of school.

*Please note, at the time of publishing we had not received the individual students’ permission to publish their names. We will update the story in the New Year to celebrate our successful students with their full permission.

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