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Does Online Learning Work?

Online learning has been part of the fabric of learning and teaching at OneSchool Global for over ten years. With most of our Campuses being relatively small and geographically spread, we use Online classes to join our students with peers in other Campuses, and with the highest quality teaching. In this way, whichever Campuses they are based on, our students can experience the same broad and engaging curriculum.

While online teaching has been a new concept for many teachers in 2020, the majority of OneSchool Global teachers were already experienced with online learning platforms like Zoom and Canvas. It meant we could confidently move all our learning fully online virtually overnight in regions that went into COVID-19 lockdown. Our students lost less learning time because the majority of our teachers were already very confident teaching online. Those teachers who hadn’t been using those platforms had a lot of support from experienced colleagues around them” said Matt Phillips, Global Director of Education.

Why online learning works, according to our educators

Beth Hardwick is a Business Studies Teacher at OneSchool Global Nottingham Campus in the UK. All of Beth’s Business Studies Lessons are taught online.

Beth Hardwick, OneSchool Global UK Teacher
Beth Hardwick, OneSchool Global UK Teacher

Online Learning works,” says Beth. “Our positive outcomes reflect effective teaching and learning. Being able to use different Zoom functions and online tools enables us to deliver engaging lessons in a virtual environment, allowing students to collaborate and work independently just like they would in a traditional classroom.” Says Beth.

OneSchool Global have made increasing use of Online Teaching year on year and over the last three years we’ve continued to see an increase in National Examination outcomes in every region,” says Matt Phillips.

Chris O’Reilly is Campus Principal at OneSchool Plymouth Campus and an experienced Mathematics teacher. Chris joined OneSchool Global three years ago and had to begin teaching Online. Most of Chris’s classes are now a mix of students in his own Campus and those online in other locations.

“My main tips would be to not be scared of trying things out and don’t worry if things don’t work the first time round! Also, speak to others, sharing best practice and resources really helps.”

Chris O'Reilly
Chris O’Reilly, Campus Principal, OneSchool Global UK, Plymouth Campus

“The effectiveness of Online teaching is dependent on how you embrace it. It’s a fantastic way of ensuring students are truly life ready. The freedom of our Online platforms allows for staff to be really creative with lesson content and resources and creates cross-campus collaboration. This is particularly important as it allows students to share skills and to work in more targeted groups. Online teaching also challenges us as teachers and school leaders to evaluate planning to be innovative to ensure all students can not only access the assignment but are able to reach their potential and truly thrive.” Says Chris.

At OneSchool Global, learning is in our DNA. As ways of communicating, doing business and working beyond school rapidly change, so must the way we prepare our students. That means our teachers and Campus leaders being agile. We know we must stay ahead so we can fully prepare our students to see and lead through the challenges of the future.


If you are looking for a teaching career in an innovative, global school, that embraces technology and values your development as an educator, visit our employment pages to learn more. You can view current vacancies over the 126 campuses we operate across the globe, or join our talent pool for opportunities that may arise in future.

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