Beyond the Classroom: When Teaching Goes Global

There are many benefits to working at a school that is part of a global network with more than 9,000 students across the world. Joining a global community of like-minded educators who share a common passion and drive has distinct advantages for teachers.


Diverse Perspectives

Imagine this – you’re in a staff room embarking on a session of planning or professional development, surrounded by 20 of your peers. Everyone looks just like you and shares a similar background as well as comparable teaching experience.

Now, imagine your staff room is an online portal, connecting teachers from across the world, from all different regions and cultures. It’s an exciting premise, right? Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to share ideas, expertise and resources with a group of skilled and diverse educators worldwide? It allows you to broaden your horizons, challenge your assumptions and gain new insights to help you prepare students for their future place in a globalised world.

As Jonathan Borys, a OneSchool Global Regional Principal in North America says, “If you’re at a traditional school, your focus is really your school or maybe your district, but for us, our focus is the globe.” 

“We have over 120 campuses across OneSchool Global but we’re tied together by our vision, and by our Learning to Learn Framework. And we try to make sure that what we do for one, we do for all. That’s really important, because our teachers, our students and our parents are able to see how their contributions at a campus level are able to contribute to all 120 campuses.”


Increased Opportunities

Unlike teaching within the traditional schooling system, working at OneSchool Global means you may have the opportunity to travel and spend time abroad, teaching and training at different locations within your country and around the world. 

There are so many benefits to pursuing a teaching career overseas, such as:

  • Experiencing new cultures
  • Acquiring new languages
  • Broadening your worldview
  • Exposure to diverse teaching methodologies 
  • Networking on a global scale

“I would say to teachers who are interested in OneSchool Global, go on a school tour. Once you see the school in action, and how it all works, it’s pretty easy to see the appeal because the kids are fantastic, the staff are fantastic, we have amazing facilities and huge opportunities,” shares Sam Goodfellow, Principal at the Goulburn Campus in Australia.


Enhanced Quality Of Teaching

Who doesn’t want to improve and get better at their profession? “If you’re thinking of joining OneSchool Global, you’ll have the benefit of a team of teachers who want to continue growing and developing their skills,” reveals Nadia Sajadi, a OneSchool Global teacher who’s based in Paris. 

“OneSchool Global invests a lot of time in training, so you’ll be trained to use cutting-edge digital tools. You also have the benefit of working alongside other professionals to create assignments together so you can produce the best material for the students to work with.”

To equip teachers for success, OneSchool’s in-house Global Teacher Academy provides a free and ongoing professional development program for all staff. The program includes attending workshops and webinars, and opportunities to collaborate with teachers around the world. Educators are able to stay up-to-date with the latest educational trends, research and innovative teaching strategies. You can also find mentors, seek advice and engage in meaningful discussions. 

“There’s a sequence of learning within the Global Teacher Academy that happens throughout the whole year, it’s mapped out and it’s a globally consistent pathway,” explains Jeff Lloyd, OneSchool’s Global Teacher Academy Director. “It’s an amazing system that allows collaboration across the country, and also enables teachers to really engage with the material in a guided way.”

It’s worth noting that professional development time is scheduled during work hours – “the students go home an hour early on a Wednesday and we do our professional development then. Work-life balance is really important here,” Mr Goodfellow from Goulburn shares.


Staying Connected

The OSGConnect platform empowers OneSchool educators across the globe to connect, collaborate, ask questions, share inspirations and stay on top of trends in the world of teaching. 

“I think what stands out to me about working at OneSchool is that you’ve got that connectedness with subject experts from around the country or around the world. And so you’re never alone. You’ve always got someone that you can turn to for advice and support,” says Rebekah Senior, a Deputy Campus Principal based at the Ridgeway campus in the UK.

If you are an educator who’s seeking a fresh challenge and a new perspective on teaching and learning, OneSchool Global, a network of schools with 125 campuses worldwide, could be the place for you. Learn more here.

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