5 Reasons Why Learning to Learn is Important

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, the ability to learn new information and evolve your skills is crucial. Learning to Learn is a process that goes beyond acquiring subject-specific information. Instead, it’s focussed on the skills, knowledge and attitudes associated with the learning process and how individuals learn best. Here’s why Learning to Learn is essential for adults and children alike.

#1 Building Resilience and Adaptability

Learning to Learn encourages a growth mindset, emphasising that intelligence and abilities can be developed through effort, perseverance and embracing challenges. This lesson is one that’s fundamental to a successful and happy life. Individuals who can apply themselves, solve problems and overcome obstacles have all the traits necessary to thrive when inevitable setbacks occur. “We know that students are going to make mistakes, we expect them to. And that’s where the best learning comes in,” explains Matthew Phillips, OneSchool’s Global Director of Education. The aim of Learning to Learn is producing students who are confident, flexible, self-sufficient and hard-working – equipped to succeed in their future careers and wherever life takes them.

#2 Encouraging Lifelong Learning

Unlike other approaches, where students may be taught to standardised tests or asked to memorise facts, Learning to Learn involves metacognitive awareness. Students analyse learning strategies and reflect on their own strengths and areas for improvement. This encourages positive attitudes and good habits around learning. Students are trained to be capable and curious, and to try different tactics when tackling a complex task. People who learn in this way develop an appreciation for education, as well as the ability to think critically. A commitment to growth and learning is an attractive quality, particularly in the workplace, which is something OneSchool Global is committed to for its teachers through its Teachers Academy. Longlife learning also has positive effects on memory, cognitive function and mental agility as we age. 

#3 Supporting Diverse Learners 

As we know, inclusivity and teaching to diversity are integral parts of being an educator in 2023. They are also key to the teaching and learning at OneSchool Global. Catering to all abilities, interests and learning styles, their Learning to Learn program equips students with a broad range of learning strategies and study skills, allowing them to be flexible and independent. When students set their own goals and work at their own pace, they take ownership of their learning which boosts motivation and engagement. Many principles of Universal Design for Learning are found within the Learning to Learn approach so that teachers are called upon to create lessons that are personalised, accessible and beneficial for all. “Differentiation and learning support is built into our framework, student by student, campus by campus, course by course,” shares Jeff Lloyd, Teacher Academy Director at OneSchool Global. 

Reason #4 Improving Pedagogy and Practice for Teachers

Learning to Learn helps teachers get to know their students and understand the various ways in which they learn. Through the framework, teachers are equipped with a comprehensive set of tools, strategies, and resources to enhance their teaching practice. Innovation and professional growth are also supported and encouraged. When teachers improve their methods and stay abreast of the latest educational trends and research, student outcomes are optimised as a result. This view is put into practice each week at OneSchool Global, explains Patrick Coleman, a District Principal based in Tasmania. “OneSchool really has a strong focus on the professional development of our staff. We have an in-house Teacher Academy that provides ongoing professional development to our educators, and we allocate time for professional development into school hours,” he says.

Reason #5 Preparing for the Future

A key component of Learning to Learn is using digital tools and platforms. Students are encouraged to use technology to solve problems and express their ideas through multimedia presentations and creative content creation. Lessons are also devoted to cyber safety and digital literacy – allowing students to be critical and discerning when operating online. In this way, Learning to Learn develops life-ready students who are prepared for the future. The skills, knowledge and experiences that Learning to Learn imparts will help students succeed in their future endeavours.

If you are an educator who’s seeking a fresh challenge and a new perspective on teaching and learning, OneSchool Global, a network of schools with 125 campuses worldwide, could be the place for you. Learn more here.

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