5 minutes with our Student Leaders

We asked our student leaders across Australia to share their views and experiences of student life at OneSchool Global.


A Sense of Belonging

OneSchool Global prides itself on providing a safe and nurturing learning environment. The school, and everyone who’s a part of its teaching and learning community, embrace a set of core values which include Integrity, Care & Compassion, Respect, Responsibility and Commitment. 

“The student environment at OSG is one that cannot be matched. We know each other well and we also support each other. I feel so appreciated and supported by my peers,” shares Sarah, a Year 12 student at the Maryborough campus in Queensland. 

“There’s a positive culture amongst the students and the teachers at OneSchool Global,” agrees Ethan, a student at the Brisbane campus. “It’s a vibrant, friendly and social environment where happiness and belonging are central.”


Learning to Lead

Senior students at OneSchool Global have the opportunity to join the Student Leadership Team. The team meets each fortnight, and they take on important duties around the school including organising and running whole school assemblies. They also assist at school events, plan fundraisers and act as role models for other students. 

“My Student Leadership Team ran our variety show that we put on for students and parents. I learnt a lot about operating under pressure and working as a team to overcome challenges,” says Jasmin, a Year 12 student at the Berwick campus in Victoria.

“I got the opportunity to participate in a leadership workshop with all the Student Leaders in the State. It was extremely beneficial in helping me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, and the ways that I can lead more effectively in school and when transitioning into work,” reveals Ruby, a student at the Toowoomba campus.


Teacher Support

OneSchool Global aims to recruit and retain quality teachers who can successfully implement an innovative self-directed learning program. Once on staff, teachers find there’s a positive work environment with a culture of respect and support at the school, and it goes both ways.

“OSG teachers are always willing to help. They help guide you through your coursework and give excellent feedback, and they are supportive of anyone who needs extra help,” says Chardonny, a Year 12 student at the Melton campus in Victoria. 

“The support and guidance I have received from teachers and staff at OSG has been phenomenal! The teachers are so involved in my schooling, and their expectations for me are a huge source of motivation,” shares Blythe, a student at the Perth campus in Western Australia.

New Skills and Experiences

OneSchool Global offers its staff and students a unique opportunity to engage and collaborate with community members all over the world. There are 125 OneSchool campuses located in 20 different countries, and each shares its news, ideas and resources.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside a number of peers from across OSG globally. These interactions have seen me grow as a person as well as become a more knowledgeable student. Being able to meet with teachers from different campuses via Zoom has also opened up my learning experience and allowed me to achieve the very best in all of my subject areas,” explains Victoria, a Year 12 student at the Launceston campus in Tasmania.


“Going to other campuses and engaging with other students has really enriched my education experience. It’s shown me how others adapt and utilise learning spaces in their own different ways. It’s helped me develop new skills, through diverse learning experiences, embracing technology, and merging with other campuses,” says Corrado, a student at the Berwick campus in Victoria.

If you are an educator who’s seeking a fresh challenge and a new perspective on teaching and learning, OneSchool Global – a network of schools with 125 campuses worldwide and 31 across Australia – could be the place for you. Learn more here.

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