5 minutes with a OneSchool Global Teacher

Caron Murgatryod, KS2 Lead and Primary teacher for Year 3-6 from our Lancaster Campus in the UK, shares her experience of teaching at OneSchool Global.


Can you describe how the teaching environment differs from other schools you have worked at?

The OneSchool Global way is something quite remarkable. Their innovative structure, teaching environment and classroom dynamics are second to none and something which I had never encountered in all my years of teaching. 

The standard teacher at the front of the class reading dull PowerPoints and students doing worksheets does not exist. 

The OSG approach is one of self-directed learning, underpinned by the School’s Learning to Learn Framework, whereby the students learn to think critically and become active participants in their learning journey – where the sky is really the limit. This is done by providing the skills and tools to access the curriculum and the freedom to expand their learning further. The students do not just learn knowledge to strictly pass exams, they learn how to learn for themselves – a valuable skill for life. 

 Learning to Learn Framework is supported by a Language of Learning in which children are taught to articulate their learning journey and to ask for help when they are ‘stuck in the learning pit’. However, they are encouraged to check their ‘Backpack’ first – to seek help from resources, lesson materials, their peers etc to promote a sense of independence and responsibility. The teacher is there as a role model and guide, they work to move children on, encourage deeper thinking and exploration and to ensure all children can achieve. 

I have never experienced students who want to learn so much. The students have such a passion for learning and the curriculum framework provides them with the opportunity to embrace this and extend it as far as they can. 

What are some common misconceptions people might have about teaching at OSG, and how would you address them?

People may believe the school is very religious. Although it is a school attended by Plymouth Brethren Christian Church families,  the school is not a religious school, with religious teachings being done in the home and church meetings. 

OSG teachers are not members of the Plymouth Brethren community and our wide range of backgrounds and beliefs are fully respected. 

The important part is being respectful of the school’s ethos, which is easy to do as it’s simply about being considerate. A clear induction is provided to help with understanding this. Also, if you ever have a question you can always ask.


Tell us about your training/induction process when you joined OneSchool Global

The training and induction process was very detailed. Initially I was provided with an induction mentor and program and I also had the pleasure of going to the School’s Head Office for a two-day induction. Throughout the year I also have time to complete courses to continually develop skills. In addition to this there is a weekly CPD, local morning meetings and regular national meetings to ensure we are always up to date. 


What is one of the greatest highlights you’ve experienced since joining OneSchool Global?
My biggest highlight is the annual Recognition of Excellence event. This national event gives the Oscars quite the run for their money. Students across the nation are recognised for their hard work and determination. This highlight of the year is enjoyed by all. 


How would you describe the sense of community among teachers, students and parents at OSG?

At OSG we are like a big family, the sense of community is incredible. Staff, parents and students alike all work together with the same goal in mind – to provide the best global education for students. You are always supported from both staff and the community and the children are a joy to teach.


What opportunities does OSG provide for professional development and career growth? 

OSG are big on professional and career development; from the outset I was keen to progress but in a timely manner which fit with my skill set. OSG seek out what your interests are and help you find roles and courses to support this development. 

There are detailed and regular professional development meetings with your line manager alongside regular CPD which is delivered each week when the children finish early. If you find a course you feel is a match to your needs you can always send a request to complete it. In addition to this you can apply to take other qualifications such as NPQ qualification and there are regular opportunities for internal promotions. 


For teachers considering a position at OSG, what advice would you give to help them adapt and thrive within the school community?

All in all if you want to be in a place where you feel truly valued, where children want and love to learn, where parents and members of the school community, and staff are supportive then OSG is the place to be. 


If you are an educator who’s seeking a fresh challenge and a new perspective on teaching and learning, OneSchool Global, a network of schools with 125 campuses worldwide, could be the place for you. Learn more here.

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