5 mins with an OSG Teacher – Jarrod Bourke

We spoke to Jarrod Bourke from our Perth Campus about his experience of joining OneSchool Global this year.

Tell me about what inspired you to join OneSchool Global

I wanted to find a school that was well resourced in the digital world. I was inspired to join OneSchool Global due to its unwavering commitment to student success. In my search for a school that places the utmost emphasis on fostering the growth and achievement of each student, OneSchool Global stood out as a beacon of educational excellence.



Can you share your first impressions of the school and its students?

Upon my initial interactions with the school and its students, I was genuinely impressed. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the students towards achieving a high standard of education were truly remarkable. It’s evident that the school’s environment fosters a strong sense of motivation and a commitment to excellence.

The students’ positive attitudes, coupled with their eagerness to learn and excel, create a vibrant and dynamic learning atmosphere. Their determination to meet high standards is not only commendable but also indicative of the effective guidance and support they receive from the school’s educators and staff.

In your experience, how is working at OSG different from other schools?

First and foremost, the exceptional behaviour and demeanour of OSG students certainly set the tone for a positive and conducive learning environment. The commitment to maintaining high standards of behaviour not only reflects the values instilled within the students but also makes for a more harmonious classroom setting. This often creates an atmosphere where educators can focus more on teaching and fostering growth rather than managing disruptions.

In comparison to some schools, where behaviour management challenges can sometimes be more prevalent, the well-behaved nature of OSG students can indeed be a distinguishing factor. This can make a considerable difference in the overall teaching and learning experience, allowing educators to dedicate more time to delivering engaging lessons and providing individualised support

How would you describe the teaching philosophy or approach at OneSchool Global? How does this differ from your previous school/s?

The teaching philosophy of OneSchool Global stands out from that of other schools due to its emphasis on personalised learning and holistic development. Unlike traditional education models, OneSchool Global focuses on tailoring education to individual student needs, strengths and interests. This approach recognises that each student learns at their own pace and has unique abilities.

Moreover, OneSchool Global’s philosophy extends beyond academics. It places a strong emphasis on character education, instilling values such as responsibility, care and compassion. This holistic approach aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also contribute positively to their communities.

Another distinguishing factor is the integration of technology into the learning process. With each student having their own device, technology is seamlessly incorporated into lessons, enhancing engagement and preparing students for the digital world.


What aspects of the OneSchool Global’s culture and values resonate with you the most?

OneSchool Global’s culture and values, especially when it comes to fostering a strong community, have deeply resonated with me. The emphasis placed on creating a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and included is truly remarkable.


Is working with OneSchool Global what you thought it would be like? 

Working with OneSchool Global has been an incredibly rewarding experience that has far exceeded my initial expectations. From day one, I found myself immersed in a supportive and collaborative environment that truly values both educators and students. The innovative approach to education here has allowed me to witness the remarkable growth and development of the students in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Any concerns I might have had about adapting to a new teaching philosophy quickly dissolved as I saw the positive impact it has on fostering not only academic excellence but also personal growth and character development.


Can you tell us a bit about planning and delivering lessons at OneSchool Global? What sort of resources do you have access to and how is technology integrated into learning experiences? 

OneSchool Global’s Learning to Learn Framework emphasises self-directed learning and is reflected in the way educators plan lessons. With access to a variety of resources, including digital tools, curriculum materials and educational platforms, teachers have the flexibility to tailor their lessons to meet the individual needs and interests of each student.

The availability of technology doesn’t just end at devices. OneSchool Global provides access to software, applications and online resources that enhance the learning journey. This could include interactive simulations, coding pl

atforms, multimedia tools and collaborative platforms that foster communication and teamwork.

Teaching at this school is truly wonderful because I have the privilege of accessing a wide array of resources that greatly enhance my lesson preparation. Having access to things like 3D printers and laser cutters makes preparing for lessons fun and engaging.  


Tell me what the school community is like at OneSchool Global. How do you find the interactions between parents, students and your fellow teachers?

The school community at OneSchool Global is a vibrant and positive environment where interactions among parents, students and fellow teachers are characterised by a strong sense of unity, mutual respect and collaboration.

The school community of parents, students and teachers work together with shared values and a common goal of nurturing holistic growth and academic excellence. These interactions create a positive, uplifting and inspiring environment that benefits everyone involved and contributes to a successful and fulfilling educational journey.


How would you characterise the support from and collaboration with colleagues at OneSchool Global?

The support from colleagues at OneSchool Global is exceptionally positive. Collaborative efforts thrive, fostering a united educational community. Open communication, shared insights and joint problem-solving contribute to a dynamic teaching environment. This collaborative spirit extends across roles, promoting a holistic approach to student success. Together, colleagues create an atmosphere of growth, where each member’s contributions are valued, resulting in an enriching and fulfilling experience for all.


What would your advice be for someone considering a teaching position at OSG?

My advice would be to do it. You will not regret it.

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