5 Keys to Being in the Joy of Teaching

Teaching is a demanding job – the hours can be long, the work can be tiring and often thankless, and the pressure can be intense. Is it any wonder then that many teachers feel overwhelmed and burnt out? And why recent studies suggest less than 50% of Australian teachers plan to stay in the profession?
We asked Zaana Cooper, a Director at the Teacher Academy at OneSchool Global, for advice when it comes to educators learning to love their job again.


#1 Find New Challenges

Feeling stuck in a rut? This is common when you’ve been in the same job for a while. It can be difficult to find your passion and drive, day in and day out. But, there is a fix – Zaana suggests focussing on your own growth and development. Often teachers become teachers because of their own love of learning,” she shares. “OneSchool Global’s Teacher Academy, and all professional development, provides an avenue for teachers to continue their lifelong learning. You will be challenged and professionally extended, and this also means your knowledge and skills are constantly growing.” 

Learning new things is exciting and rewarding, and this is especially true in education where there is always new research and technology being developed. Find an area that interests you personally, or uncover the gaps in your knowledge and experience. Sign up for workshops or conferences, and do your own reading and research in your free time. You’ll soon feel a boost in your energy and confidence as you learn new things and apply them in your practice.


#2 Connect With Your Peers

Being a classroom teacher with a busy schedule can be isolating. When you feel disconnected and unsupported it can negatively impact student outcomes. This is why it’s essential that schools create a collaborative culture with open communication channels and opportunities to share ideas and issues. 

“Collegial sharing is often the best way to learn, and the Teacher Academy facilitates this,” Zaana shares. “Connecting educators who have common goals allows them to innovate, collaborate and use their problem-solving skills to collectively problem solve. We see joy when teachers share their growth and achievements with their peers; they celebrate the impact of their learning on student achievement and class culture. At OneSchool Global we not only share with staff from the same campus, but across campuses within and beyond regions. OSG Connect is an internal online platform that makes it easy for teachers to share across the globe.”

So try building your own professional network of like-minded teachers. Look for mentors and colleagues at school by attending staff meetings and volunteering for committees. You can also join professional organisations or connect with other teachers via online forums and social media to expand your professional network.


#3 Incorporate Creativity and Innovation

There are many ways to change up your approach to learning experiences. For example: try integrating technology creatively or offering students a choice in how they tackle an assignment. Consider arranging a guest speaker, or using thinking challenges and educational games in class. Keeping things fun and fresh in this way will make lessons more engaging and effective for your students. It may also reinvigorate you and the way you plan and teach.

At OneSchool Global, teachers are encouraged to challenge learning norms and think outside the box. The school has embraced a progressive Learning to Learn Framework and utilises digital learning tools every day. “OneSchool has strong partnerships with experts in the digital fields such as Microsoft, Canvas, Zoom, NWEA, and Dyknow,” Zaana explains. “Through these partnerships, the Teacher Academy is able to train teachers in the best use of digital platforms to enhance teaching and learning.”


#4 Balance Work and Wellbeing

It’s a fact: teachers are more effective when they are healthy and happy. It’s crucial that you find work-life balance and prioritise self-care – things like getting enough rest, eating well and exercising. Another important aspect is time management and being organised – these are key to reducing stress and making life easier. 

At OneSchool Global, students, parents and staff members are encouraged to be self-disciplined and to show kindness, consideration and generosity to all. Teachers are respected, valued and rewarded with competitive remuneration. A commitment to smaller class sizes and good student discipline is another benefit of this special school community. As Zaana explains, new teachers participate in an extensive induction program to ensure they’re starting off on the right foot: “There are many new things to learn when starting with OneSchool Global. The induction draws on the knowledge of local leaders and trained mentors so that teachers become familiar and confident in understanding and applying our signature pedagogies,” she shares. “The Teacher Academy ensures our teachers are challenged and extended, no matter where an educator is in their own learning journey.”

Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and evaluate your current working environment. Do you feel valued and supported? Are your needs being met? It’s important to find a school that’s a good fit for you and your own philosophy of teaching.


#5 Self Reflection

Take some time to reflect and reconnect with the reasons why you became a teacher in the first place. For some, it might be a good idea to do journaling exercises, or get talking to a trusted friend or colleague. Try to identify your purpose, passions and values and consider the impact you want to make on your students’ lives. Spending some time reflecting in this way will hopefully reignite your joy and enthusiasm for teaching.

If you are an educator who’s seeking a fresh challenge and a new perspective on teaching and learning, OneSchool Global – a network of schools with 125 campuses worldwide – could be the place for you. Learn more here.

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