Career Advantage Program

We are glad you are here and look forward to seeing you ‘Hit the Ground Running’ as you commence your CAP journey, to hit the ground running. Our new site is under construction, but below you can access the material you need to get started.

Hit the Ground Running...

What is CAP?

The Career Advantage Program (CAP) bridges the gap between school and work. The program is designed to develop and maximise the potential of young people who are in the last two years of school, by integrating with Community businesses. The program supports the OneSchool Global vision to “develop life-ready students” by ensuring students hit the ground running from the first day they start their jobs.

How Does it Work?

Students in the last two years of school commit to undertaking a CAP course in addition to their academic courses and are sponsored by businesses. Students that successfully complete their CAP courses receive a debenture investment that they can access when they turn 21 years of age.

Students undertake one of the two dedicated courses each year over the two-year period. Each course requires a minimum of 50 hours. The first year of CAP is Career Fundamentals and the second year is Business Foundations, both of which are designed by UBT’s registered training organisation Career Training Institute (CTI), based in Melbourne, Australia.

Everything else you need to know...

Everything else you need should be available in the following brochures.

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