Technological Applied Studies (TAS) Teachers in Regional Capitals Love Teaching TAS

Here Are The 5 Reasons Students Love TAS

TAS teachers frequently report local students in the Regional NSW particularly enjoying TAS subjects.  Naturally that, in turn, helps boost TAS teacher job satisfaction.

If you’re considering the next steps in your career teaching in TAS, perhaps a move to a regional capital such as Orange would be particularly rewarding.

Teaching TAS is always fun when the students love the subject.  Here are the 5 reasons Regional TAS students tend to love TAS subjects”:

    1. Visible connection to local employment:  Regional students see an alignment between TAS and many of the businesses in the local area.  With regional businesses concentrated in industries needing TAS skills, the students immediately see and feel the relevance of the subject to their immediate future.
    2. Inspiration from solving local Issues:  Creative students see TAS as an opportunity to provide solutions to local challenges in the regions.  Many students are deeply connected to the local area through family and friends.  They enjoy working on practical problems and being involved with the solutions the locals need.  Responses to environmental challenges such as drought and fire are just two such examples.
    3. After hours access to projects:  Regional students often have access to spaces and enjoy spending time on TAS work in their own time outside of school.  Many TAS students have access to physical space that is only available outside the city.  For instance, students with parents and carers with farm or work spaces are often able to use these for their own projects.  Property and land areas tend to be more supportive of larger and more inspirational project concepts from the students.
    4. Local business support: Students get strong support from local businesses in their creative projects.  Business owners in NSW regions understand that access to talent and TAS skills is essential for their future growth.   They always support TAS and have a vested interest in supporting TAS teachers, workshops and students.  Frequently they are able to provide hands-on assistance, space or project support for regional students, and are delighted to be involved in TAS.  
    5. Product development experience (especially in regional industries such as agriculture and manufacturing) :  Getting hands on in TAS allows entrepreneurial students to develop their thinking at product development level.   Many regional students see TAS as a bridge between studies and the application of skill to developing products and services in key industries – frequently with businesses owned by their own family, friends or local investors.   In each TAS class there are often highly motivated students who see the importance of TAS as part of an entrepreneurial venture.

In short, students studying TAS in the regional NSW are generally inspired by the subjects, happy to be there and enjoy learning essential TAS skills for life.

Would you consider a career teaching in a regional capital such as Orange?  

If so, we would be happy to help you learn more about what the region has to offer.

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