OneSchool Global is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive, truly global schools.

With over 9500 students, over 125 physical learning centres across 20 countries, OneSchool Global is a leader in online learning.

At OneSchool Global our educators challenge traditional learning and teaching norms through our technology empowered, Self-Directed Learning model.

OneSchool Global has been on a digital and online learning journey for over 10 years. This journey has seen us develop our self-directed learning model, which has set the strategic direction to evolve our physical and online learning spaces and pedagogy.

Today, OneSchool Global students connect with our educators and students on their own campus, as well as nationally and internationally, on a daily basis.


Welcome to OneSchool Global’s learning exchange platform

We have learned, and continue to learn, a great deal on our journey. We have learned both from our many successes, and we have also learned from our mistakes.

Through our Exchange initiative we want share our experience with Schools or individual educators that are either already on their own online learning journey, or about to embark on it.

OneSchool Global’s educators benefit from our fully accredited in-house training provider, the Teacher Academy. The OneSchool Global Teacher Academy works with staff to build capacity for this in a variety of ways. It also offers a range of courses such as: Self Directed Learning, Thinking for Learning, Aspiring Leadership, Coaching for Success and Engaging Digital Learners.

OneSchool Global is exploring the ways we can make these courses available to educators beyond OneSchool Global, and possibly even some free online short courses.

Complete the form to register your interest.

In partnership with the OneSchool Global Teacher Academy, OneSchool Global has offered a range of large scale physical and training and development forums featuring the likes of Sir John Jones, Professor Sugata Mitra, Professor Ken Robinson, alongside our own internal learning and teaching experts.

OneSchool is currently exploring opportunities to expand these events to educators beyond OneSchool Global, and we would love to keep you up to date. Register your interest here:

From our technology enabled physical Learning Centres that provide a range of spaces and technologies to empowered our students’ self-directed learning, to our online learning platforms which empower our students’ learning from anywhere in the world, OneSchool Global has a wealth of experience through the physical, pedagogical and technological development of our school.

To find out more about our range of consulting services, or just to arrange a conversation and exchange ideas, contact us via the following form.


Changing direction on a school’s embedded strategic and pedagogical approach is not always easy. With student learning outcomes as our focus, OneSchool Global has always taken a ‘pedagogy first’ approach. Let us help you as you plan your school’s strategic development, or equally let us continue our learning  

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