If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, a teaching position at OneSchool Global could give you the fulfilment and joy you’re looking for. With our innovative pedagogy plus strong engagement with school leadership and the community, you’re supported to be the best educator you can be.

Five reasons why this career step could bring you more joy:
  • Students who want to learn.
    Our proven technology based pedagogy develops students’ ability to ‘learn to learn’ resulting in less ‘teaching to the test’ and less behavioural issues.
  • Smaller class sizes.
    Depending on year level, class sizes typically range from 10 to 22 students with more opportunity for one-to-one student engagement and coaching.
  • Better work life balance.
    There’s no weekend sport and limited out-of-hours school activity meaning you are always refreshed and ready to give your best.
  • Career growth and support.
    Our culture of respect and support from leadership, colleagues, students and parents creates a positive work environment and scheduled professional development time in work hours ensures you thrive.
  • A diverse and dynamic team.
    While our students and families are from a Christian Church community, our staff are a diverse and dynamic group, from all walks of life.

For more information see our school profile here.

See what our teachers say

“It’s wonderful to actually spend my time teaching and supporting the students to achieve their best rather than constantly behaviour managing or juggling too many needs within large classes.

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