The North Centre, just a few miles north of Aberdeen has panoramic views of the North Sea, provides an inspiring atmosphere for learning and teaching. Located near to Balmedie it is only a stone’s throw from flat sandy beaches and amazing rolling sand dunes – a geography lesson on its own! South Centre nestled in the heart of central Scotland at the foot of the Ochils within beautiful Alloa countryside, looks towards farmland and the River Forth to the south with the distinct hill of Dumyat as a backdrop on the north side.

Benefitting from small class sizes, a talented and dedicated professional staff and a very supportive parent and community body, the school is thriving, achieving academic results well above the national average.

An Outstanding School at the Forefront of Education Developments

The Trustees are responsible for the direction and governance of the school. They have established an excellent team of professionals to manage the education and corporate governance of our education offering on a day-to-day basis along with our hard working Head Teacher, Mrs Claire Swail.

As a school, Caledonia Campus prides itself on providing a professional climate for learning which nurtures the development of each individual student’s potential within an organisation demanding high standards in support of academic, personal and social development. With a vision for “learning to learn” as a life-time goal, we provide state of the art technology to support learning and teaching. Thereby, students are encouraged to approach their studies with resilience and independence. The school is at the forefront of Self-Directed Learning (SDL) which gives each individual the scope to be fully engaged in designing his or her personal learning targets within the scope of gaining a broad, balanced education. Self-Directed Learning helps prepare our young people to have the confidence, critical thinking skills and creativity which will equip them for a wide range of roles in the ever changing national and international employment market.

“We are a caring school where students enjoy the experience but at the same time we set high expectations. We believe in creating a culture whereby students can learn to be successful, self-directed learners."

Our professional staff team is committed to the strong Christian ethos at the school’s core whilst preparing students to have respect, understanding and tolerance of all in society. The standard of academic performance, levels of motivation and behaviour are very high; and the school is one of the most successful of the Focus Schools within the UK. All our students are expected to attain at a level commensurate to their ability and most achieve results equivalent to the entrance requirements for a good university; leaving school with positive prospects in a range of academic, business or practical fields.



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Our Ethos

At our School, students are encouraged to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of ‘learning how to learn’, while upholding fundamental Christian teachings and beliefs, especially those of purity, integrity and godliness. The truth and authority of the Holy Bible and strong family values underpin the commitment of the School to provide quality in every facet of education – curriculum, teachers, facilities, management and discipline – in a safe, secure and caring environment.

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