General Goals

To enhance children’s learning by:

  • Providing high quality learning programmes matched to the needs of individual students and aimed at promoting their full participation in society
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining the best available teaching and support staff to ensure achievement of all the school’s learning goals
  • Establishing a supportive school community and responding to its educational needs and wishes
  • Treating all children equally and providing them with skills, and the environment, to work well with their peers and the wider community
  • Objectives arising from our Mission Statement

Teaching and learning programmes developed by the school will:

  • Be consistent with the school’s relevant policies
    Have content that is clearly linked to students’ needs and interests
  • Employ a range of teaching strategies that are appropriate for the students
  • Incorporate cross-curricular perspectives
  • Specify intended learning outcomes and detailed assessment and evaluation procedures
  • Pre-test – assess needs – teach to needs – assess and evaluate accordingly
  • Identify and assess students with special educational needs and apply appropriate teaching strategies

A supportive and progressive Board of Trustees will endeavour to:

  • Provide opportunity for teacher training and relevant feedback
  • Update facilities, teaching aids, technology aids
  • Endeavour to ensure that an effective appraisal system is supported
  • Be receptive to teaching problems and concerns
  • Ensure that our comprehensive Safeguarding Policy is implemented for the protection of all students

“We are a caring school where students enjoy the experience but at the same time we set high expectations. We believe in creating a culture whereby students can learn to be successful, self-directed learners.”

Our School will:

  • Provide opportunity for open and continual communication and respond to general concerns
  • Make parents feel welcome to come and communicate
    Maintain equity in all curriculum areas
Primary Students
Secondary Students
Total Students

Our Ethos

At our School, students are encouraged to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of ‘learning how to learn’, while upholding fundamental Christian teachings and beliefs, especially those of purity, integrity and godliness. The truth and authority of the Holy Bible and strong family values underpin the commitment of the School to provide quality in every facet of education – curriculum, teachers, facilities, management and discipline – in a safe, secure and caring environment.

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