The campus is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac on Gibbons Street in Oatlands. It lies 23 kilometers northwest of the Sydney CBD, at the crossroads of the Parramatta CBD, in Sydney’s North West. A quaint shopping area can be found a few minutes away from the school. There are views of Sydney Olympic Park which not only embodies a hub of entertainment but also supports a rich natural environment.

Although situated in an energetic metropolitan area, the school is peppered with a breath-taking natural environment, with a symphony of beautiful trees that grace its grounds. Adding to the aesthetic appeal of the campus is its adornment of manicured gardens. The school caters for students from Years 3-12 from the Sydney, Kellyville, Penrith and Windsor communities.

Our campus proactively responds to technology by not only embracing current and emerging innovations but arguably, leading the way in its creative and purposeful use. Here at the Sydney campus, technology is rooted deeply in all aspects of the learning experience. Digital Literacy claims a significant place in our students’ graduate skills and our technology-rich learning environments are commensurate with this. Students make full use of our video conference rooms for distance learning. Moreover, each student is provided with a laptop, they also have access to a sophisticated Learning Management System, Canvas, which boasts a wealth of resources.

The secondary school students in our campus learn in a blended learning environment where we continue to have classrooms for face-to-face delivery as well as collaborative learning environments, where online teaching is facilitated. Our physical campus environment displays a strong sentiment that learning is indiscriminate in terms of time and space. The Learning Centre is the nucleus of learning for our students and the Sydney Campus has 3 of these learning hubs that cater for Stages 4, 5, and 6 students. These spaces facilitate self-directed learning and support our vision of developing ‘Life Ready’ students. The primary campus consists of Staged classes and albeit having physical classrooms for their lesson delivery, learn in an equally dynamic learning environment where their classrooms functions as progressive learning hubs.

Our school culture finds firm expression in values of respect and mutual trust, in relationships with the community, teachers, and the students. We nurture an environment that is conducive to growth and fulfillment — both academic and personal. We prioritize communication and there is always an open-door policy where staff feels valued and appreciated.

The school has moved on from the antiquated pedagogies that only served the needs of the past. It provides an opportunity to be progressive in education. We teach and learn in a climate that supports new and innovative methods. New staff to the school never feel unsupported as, over and above in-house support for staff, we also draw on our Teacher Academy, which provides excellent professional development courses to empower our staff for changes and implementation thereof. Our supportive networks are a strength that is hard to find in many educational settings.

We are people-centered and the well-being of both students and teachers is of the utmost importance.

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OneSchool Global Sydney Campus
216 Pennant Hills Rd, Oatlands NSW 2117
(entry via Gibbons Street)
T: 02 9683 7400 | E: [email protected]

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Our Values

At OneSchool each student, parent and staff member shall uphold the values of the School which include:
✓ Integrity – uprightness, honesty and decorous conduct, governed by the Holy Bible,​
✓ Care & Compassion – kindness, consideration, and generosity to all,​
✓ Respect – for all people, property, opinions, and authority,​
✓ Responsibility – for our actions, progress and the environment and,​
✓ Commitment – to self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence.​

School Policies

Please click on the links below to review our policies; other policies are listed in the Campus Prospectus and are available on request:

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