An hour north-east of Australia’s capital city, the Goulburn Campus is situated on a spacious property on the northern outskirts of the city. Goulburn is a rapidly growing, friendly, regional city famous for its fine wool and Big Merino. Dotted with heritage architecture, contemporary art, shopping centres, and wide-open spaces, our students have the opportunity to explore plenty of interesting places during their educational excursions.

The school itself has a range of specialty classrooms including primary, industrial technology workshops, a fully equipped kitchen, a science lab and multiple video-conferencing rooms. The Goulburn Campus utilises leading ICT integration, from one-to-one staff and student devices, wireless casting in every classroom, digital displays for notices, cinematic projector and sound for events, extended displays for students in the Learning Centre. Our campus also features a large oval and COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) which are both used to host state-wide events throughout the school year.

“We are a caring school where students enjoy the experience but at the same time we set high expectations. We believe in creating a culture whereby students can learn to be successful, self-directed learners.”

We continue to build our campus culture with the help of our stable and supportive staff. Our learning environments are always improving, with regular classroom improvements and new extensions of the Learning Centre. The supportive staff of Goulburn Campus have a genuine interest in developing the skills of the staff and students. Time is allocated weekly in Professional Learning Groups and courses are available through our OneSchool Global Teacher Academy. As OneSchool Global does not have after school extra-curricular activities or Saturday sport, this allows great teachers to work on what they do best – ‘Educating’.

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OneSchool Global Goulburn
120 Taralga Road, Goulburn NSW 2580
T: 02 4822 5588 | E: [email protected]


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Our Values

At OneSchool each student, parent and staff member shall uphold the values of the School which include:
✓ Integrity – uprightness, honesty and decorous conduct, governed by the Holy Bible,​
✓ Care & Compassion – kindness, consideration, and generosity to all,​
✓ Respect – for all people, property, opinions, and authority,​
✓ Responsibility – for our actions, progress and the environment and,​
✓ Commitment – to self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence.​

School Policies

Please click on the links below to review our policies; other policies are listed in the Campus Prospectus and are available on request:

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