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Vision for Learning
inspire you to Rediscover the Joy of Teaching.

The Vision for Learning program aims to engage teachers with the latest research and thinking in education.
We do this via free, online events that contribute to your professional development as an educator.

Vision for Learning Episode 1
Developing Self-Directed Learners

Professor Hattie is an internationally acclaimed Education researcher. Alongside his 2008 work that is believed to be one of the world’s largest evidenced-based studies into student learning, Professor Hattie is a widely published and sited academic, and a regular keynote at education conferences and seminars across the globe.

Join us for this free, one-hour online panel discussion featuring Professor Hattie, Dr. Selina Samuels, Chief Learning Officer at Cluey Learning and OneSchool’s Global Director of Education, Mr. Matthew Phillips.

Developing Self-Directed Learners

Featuring Professor John Hattie

A free event... So, what's the catch?

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear… there’s no catch!

OneSchool Global is known for our innovative pedagogy and our commitment to ensuring our educators are equipped for teaching success.

With over 1700 teachers, across 125 campuses in 20 countries, we provide ongoing professional development to our teachers through our in-house Teacher Academy.

With our Vision for Learning series, we want to open the doors to the wider teaching community to learn alongside our educators. While we develop our teachers, we are pleased to provide that same opportunity to the wider community of educators.

To this end, please feel free to invite your peers, colleagues and friends to join us.

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