OneSchool’s Online Learning Approach Recognised

OneSchool Global’s approach to online and remote learning has received further recognition.

Director of the USA’s Office of Non-Public Education (ONPE), Maureen Dowling, acknowledged OneSchool Global at the 2020 Private School National Leadership Conference.

“As COVID-19 caused School’s closures and transitions to virtual platforms, OneSchool Global’s transition was relatively smooth, as [OneSchool’s] Jonathon Borys shared with me. Overall, they didn’t miss any days of instruction due to their learning plans and technology,” said Ms. Dowling.

“And they could have stopped right there and sailed on smoothly, but they didn’t. Knowing that their smooth transition was not the case for every school, Mr. Borys contacted his own children’s local school to offer assistance. But he did more than that he also contacted the State Superintendent of Schools to offer support, including lessons learned and pre-practice videos for educators, and in sharing his skills talents and expertise, on behalf of both private and public school students. Mr. Borys illustrates the meaning behind ‘We are in this Together’.

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