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Summerhill Heights in Palmerston North. The modern learning environment at Palmerston North Campus provides for its 146 students and 21 staff members with student roll projections to reach 180 in the next 5 years. Our students commute daily from locations around the district from Ashurst, Feilding, Levin, Pahiatua, Masterton and Palmerston North. Its positive campus culture is fostered by its strong focus on OneSchool Global Values and Ethos. Self-Directed Learning, Learning to Learn framework and Personalised Learning sets a strong platform for students to thrive in their learning journey and in preparing them for lifelong learning at Palmerston North Campus. There is a positive learning culture of innovation, agility, collaboration and leadership among our students and staff as we all strive to reach our full potential. We believe that we are ALL learners and that best student outcomes are achieved when staff and parents work closely together with students to support their personal goals, academic achievement and career readiness.
Teachers are well equipped with the latest technology and pedagogical practices to enhance the teaching and learning programmes and platforms provided by OneSchool Global to provide a safe, exciting and engaging learning environment. With its excellent learning spaces throughout the campus, students are encouraged to develop effective management and collaborative skills from Year 3-13 in order to maximize their learning experiences and time. Student voice plays an important role at Palmerston North Campus such as the Student Leadership Team, House Leaders and Student Council as we believe that co-constructing learning experiences between staff and students it vital for student engagement and success at school.

“We are a caring school where students enjoy the experience but at the same time we set high expectations. We believe in creating a culture whereby students can learn to be successful, self-directed learners.”

The success of our campus largely hinges on the co-operation, communication and cohesion of all its members and stakeholders. Palmerston North Campus boasts a large number of voluntary support personnel, in the form of its Campus Administrator Team, Campus Trustees, librarians, canteen workers, van drivers and parent helpers to which we are very grateful for. We welcome you to visit our campus anytime.

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Our Ethos

At our School, students are encouraged to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of ‘learning how to learn’, while upholding fundamental Christian teachings and beliefs, especially those of purity, integrity and godliness. The truth and authority of the Holy Bible and strong family values underpin the commitment of the School to provide quality in every facet of education – curriculum, teachers, facilities, management and discipline – in a safe, secure and caring environment.

School Policies

Please click on the links below to review our policies; other policies are listed in the Campus Prospectus and are available on request:

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