Invercargill campus is a part of a cluster site called South Campus. Spanning the lower South Island, South Campus has sites in Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill. Each of these sites cater for students from Year 3 to 13. The total roll of 150 students is drawn from Ashburton, Timaru, Oamaru, Dunedin, Gore and Invercargill. This represents a distance of approximately 500km. The lower South Island is a sportsman’s paradise, with rivers, lakes, mountains and ski fields on our door step. The success of South Campus hinges on the co-operation, communication and cohesion of all its stakeholders. We are very much a ‘team’ at South Campus.

A major emphasis is placed on individual students reaching their full potential and achieving ‘personal excellence’. The use of up to date video conferencing platforms and ‘Zoom’ technology for campus to campus communication and specialist subject teaching broadens the subject range for senior students as well as making best use of our human and material resources. All students, from Year 3 to 13 have learning experiences via ‘Zoom’, as well as being supported in a face to face environment on each site. Our students live and breathe what it is to be a ‘self-directed learner’ daily. Very low student to teacher ratios on each site enable our learners to be supported and coached to reach their goals. All three sites are connected continuously via ‘Live Walls’, so that students and staff can collaborate together and feel part of South Campus.

“We are a caring school where students enjoy the experience but at the same time we set high expectations. We believe in creating a culture whereby students can learn to be successful, self-directed learners.”

Situated on the site of an ex state primary school, our Invercargill site is extremely well equipped with a wide variety of learning spaces. The 39 students and 9 staff members enjoy a full-sized gymnasium, modern learning centre, science lab, staff work areas, a separate junior block and numerous studios. Like our Dunedin site, the low numbers of students and high number of staff, ensures students have every opportunity to be supported on their learning journey.

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Our Ethos

At our School, students are encouraged to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of ‘learning how to learn’, while upholding fundamental Christian teachings and beliefs, especially those of purity, integrity and godliness. The truth and authority of the Holy Bible and strong family values underpin the commitment of the School to provide quality in every facet of education – curriculum, teachers, facilities, management and discipline – in a safe, secure and caring environment.

School Policies

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