Q: Do teachers need to be Brethren?

A: No. OneSchool aims to recruit well qualified, experienced educational professionals; they do not require teaching staff to have any particular religious affiliation. However, all employees are asked to respect Brethren beliefs and way of life, and are expected to have regard for the ethos and values of OneSchool. OneSchool Values include the development of every student's potential – academic, moral, spiritual, social, and cultural; and engaging in service to others and the community.

Q: Where are the OneSchool Campuses?

A: OneSchool has some 9000 students in campuses all around the world, please see this link to the map and the list of campus locations.

Q: What kind of teachers and teaching skills are OneSchool looking for?

A: OneSchool campuses cater to students aged from 7-17 years of age, in most countries this equates to Year 3 to Year 12/13. We offer a rich curriculum and wide subject range. So the teachers we look to recruit are typically:

    • Educational leaders who are passionate and skilled in their subject area
    • Well qualified individuals who are looking to further their teaching experience and demonstrate their professionalism in a quality educational setting with an often international curriculum
    • Committed, experienced and enthusiastic professionals who care about children reaching their potential and who inspire others.
    • Individuals who can contribute to a positive whole school environment

Q: What kind of school environment does OneSchool offer teachers?

A: With such a large number of campuses, the individual facilities are diverse in location and vary in size from very small to several hundred students. They are typically well-resourced, modern and attractive with a small tight-knit staff and a supportive parent community. They emphasize good moral standards and Christian ethos and expect high standards of behaviour and discipline from their students.